Open Access 2007

Peter Suber in der neuen Ausgabe des SPARC Open Access Newsletter über die Perspektiven des Open Access für das Jahr 2007. Ein paar seiner Vorhersagen:

  • The spread of OA archiving policies by funding agencies and universities is an unstoppable trend. As in 2006, we’ll see more mandates than requests, and we’ll see more policies from funders than universities. But we’ll see the numbers grow in all of these categories. We’ll see new policies in countries that already have strong OA policies, such as Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and the US, and we’ll see policies emerge in countries that haven’t had national-level policies before, such as Australia, Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. We’ll see pre-policy ferment in Latin America, Africa, and the Arab world, leading to national-level policies the year after.
  • The spread of institutional repositories is equally unstoppable. The number of universities launching them is growing fast and the conviction that they are an obvious, even tardy development is growing faster. More and more universities will launch them in a spirit of catch-up, rather than as break-out break-throughs. They will soon be a new fact of life for universities, like libraries or web sites, and the discussion will shift from their utility to the best practices for filling them.

[via University of Houston Libraries]