Bezahlschranken sind eine Motivationsbremse

In einigermaßen regelmäßigen Abständen werden Beiträge aus der Libworld-Reihe in Journals oder Büchern zitiert. Ich erfahre davon meistens über Alerts, z.B. bei Google Scholar. Was ich selten erfahre ist der eigentliche Inhalt der Publikation über den Abstract hinaus. Fast immer handelt es sich um Closed-Access-Publikationen. Natürlich ließe sich an die Artikel gelangen. Die Möglichkeiten sind zahlreich. Ich könnte die meist geforderten 25 – 39 US$ zahlen, [1] Haha. Hat das überhaupt schon mal jemand gemacht? Oder ist das eher ein symbolischer Preis? ich könnte die Fernleihe bemühen, ich könnte nach eventuellen Embargo-Zeiten nach OA-Versionen suchen. Und noch vieles mehr.

Will ich das? Ich will ja nur schnell nachsehen, in welchem Kontext die Libworld-Publikation (aktuell der Finnland-Artikel von Reetta Saine, der anscheinend in diesem Artikel zitiert wurde) erwähnt wird. Dafür so ein Aufwand? [2] Besonders unverständlich ist das bei Publikationen der IFLA, die sich oft an ein Publikum aus Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländern richten.

Zusammenfassung: Bezahlschranken sind Zugangsschranken sind Entdeckungsverhinderer sind innovations- und wissenschaftsfeindlich.


1 Haha. Hat das überhaupt schon mal jemand gemacht? Oder ist das eher ein symbolischer Preis?
2 Besonders unverständlich ist das bei Publikationen der IFLA, die sich oft an ein Publikum aus Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländern richten.

Development of Libraries in Hungary

In den zu Apothekenpreisen käuflichen Publikationen der IFLA ist vor kurzem folgendes Werk erschienen:

Libraries in the early 21st century, volume 1 : an international perspective / Hrsg. v. Sharma, Ravindra

Dort enthalten ist “Development of Libraries in Hungary” von Áts József, Deák Nóra, Péter Kiszl und Klára Varga, die auf das Posting “Libworld – Hungary” von Dániel Takács verweisen.

LibWorld – South Africa

Johann van Wyk, Library Manager of the Education Library of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, has been employed by the University of Pretoria since 1989. He is interested in knowledge management, Communities of Practice, Library 2.0/Web.2.0 and E-research. He is blogging at He is introducing the biblioblogosphere in South Africa to us in this LibWorld edition.
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LibWorld – Slovenia

Mitja Iskrić is blogging since 2004. While studying LIS he started a new blog focusing on student life. After graduation he’s currently not working in a library related environment, but he wants to stay connected with other Slovene librarians and Slovene library development in general. He invited some of his colleagues from the faculty to participate in the project and so they created the Biblioblog in April 2007.
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LibWorld – Croatia

We continue our LibWorld series with a a Central European country at the crossroads of Pannonian Plain, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean Sea: Croatia. As guest authors we welcome Sofija Konjević and Bojan Macan.

Sofija Konjević, MSc Information Science, senior librarian, is employed at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb since 1997. She currently works on interlibrary loan and maintains some library web pages. She is interested in electronic journals, worked on electronic journals project and conducted user survey on subject.

Bojan Macan works as a librarian at the Ruđer Boškovic’ Institute Library since 2005. In general he is interested in new technologies in libraries and bibliometrics analysis. At the moment he is working on implementation of open source library management system Koha in the RBI Library and is also involved in Institutional repository project. Bojan is PhD student of Information sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb.
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LibWorld reloaded

Organizing LibWorld was not always easy, but mostly fun. So we decided to get the LibWorld train back on the track. We’ll start with Croatia on Monday. The future seems to bring articles from at least three continents.

You are missing a country in our LibWorld series? You know a biblioblogger in exactly that country? Wonderful! Just post the blog URL in a comment and we’ll try to contact her or him.

We’d love to make LibWorld as complete as possible!

LibWorld book available!

Good things come to those who wait. It took a long time but finally it is done:
Our LibWorld book is finally released. It’s available in print at, or you can download it at some repositories:

You can find and browse almost all the links that are mentioned in the book in our bookmark collection at Some missing bookmarks will be added in near future.

A special thanks goes to the LibWorld authors, our cover artwork designer Jaume Josep Llambrich Brull and to Walt Crawford for the foreword.

Certainly there are some minor flaws in this book; this can never be avoided. But we look forward to your feedback! And if you want to correct something: No problem, it’s published with a CC-BY-SA license. So you are free to build derivates or mashups of this book. We’d love to hear “LibWorld – the musical”, for example.

Our trip through the library blogosphere does not end at this point. So if readers from all over the world would like to enrich our collection, please contact us!

LibWorld Cover Contest: The winner!

Wow! With a total of 117 votes we can really say that the cover if the LibWorld book is not only user generated, it is user chosen, too! You can see all contributions here. Big, big thanks to all participants! You can’t imagine how much fun it is to get all those reactions from all over the world! Thumbs up, librarians all over the world!

This is how you voted…
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LibWorld Cover Contest: The Contributions

UPDATE: The poll is closed, new votes will no longer be counted. You can see the results here.

Thanks for your artworks! We are really glad that we do not have to decide which is the best one. No, this is your decision! We want to introduce the contributions to you. So please take a look at the artworks, choose your favourite one and vote for the LibWorld book cover!

The contributions to the LibWorld Cover Contest

Number One

Gloria Garnora from Chile sent this composition in red, yellow and white to us. She used GIMP to make this cover. And here it is:

Number Two

Laura Regnault sent this fine piece of cover art. She wants to express the “colorful flow of information in library blog world”.

Number Three

The next contribution came from Germany. The author calls himself Bücherninja (German for books ninja). He is convinced that the library world needs more ninja spirit:

Number Four

The next cover was designed by Edlef Stabenau, founder of Germany’s oldest and most popular biblioblog Netbib. He chose to use Wordle to produce his picture.

Number Five

This and the following two covers were made by David Comuñas Serrano using Inkscape. For the second one he chose to use a QR code

Number Six

Number Seven

Number Eight

Jaume Josep Llambrich Brull from Spain sent us two covers to choose from.

Number Nine

Number Ten

Last but not least: Laurent Meese from Belgium with his version of the LibWorld book cover.