LibWorld – Singapore

Our guest author from the smallest country in Southeast Asia, Singapore, is Ivan Chew. His current job is to manage and develop the Adults & Young People services, looking into collection, programmes and services. He is serving a 4-year term (2005 – 2009) in the IFLA Standing Committee for Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section.

Singapore disposes of a distinguished equipment and an innovative arranged librarianship. It deemed to be as one of the best in the world. Since September 2001 exists for example the “eLibraryHub“, a virtual library, where every citizen of Singapore can use all online services.
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LibWorld – Sweden

Similar to the Swedish social systems, the Swedish libraries have a very good reputation. Not only the fully developed public library system is known for innovative ideas like the Living Library.

Peter Alsbjer, Director of the County Library of Örebro, Sweden, has written an overview about the Swedish biblioblogosphere. His blog can be found at [Omv] Lite IT. A not-so-good online translation tool for Swedish can be found here.

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Libworld – Brazil

Brazil ranks first in concentration of servers and using internet in Latin America [1]
Concerning quality and quantity the scientific offer is barely short of the European. Not only the National Library offers some online services on her homepage. For instance you can save queries (Minha estante, my shelf) and compile your own profile (Cadastro, personal entry) including an alerting service. Also unofficial contributions are interesting, for a thing the virtual library Bibvirt created by Brazilian students. It records a significant number of Brazilian and Portuguese literary works, some of them in full-text version.

Today our guest author Moreno Albuquerque de Barros will define the role of the Brazilian biblioblogosphere. He is a Brazilian librarian and editor of ExtraLibris and BSF (“Blog direcionado aos profissionais e estudantes de Biblioteconomia, Ciência e Gestão da Informação”) blog and has already written a few articles on the blogging subject.
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LibWorld – Iran

Next stop in our LibWorld series is Iran. Alireza Noruzi, faculty member of the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Tehran will introduce the history of the Persian biblioblogosphere to us, followed by some general remarks about library science blogging and an overview about a selection of Persian blogs.

Alireza Noruzi received his Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of Paul Cezanne in France. Besides Alireza Noruzi received a M.A. degree in Information Science from the University of Tehran in 2001 and B.A. degree in Library and Information Science from Shiraz University in 1998. Our guest author is also the Editor-in-chief of Webology, an international open access journal. You can contact him at For a comprehensive list of the several blogs he owns, see our comprehensive list on the LibWorld page.

For more information about Library and Information Science in Iran, please take a look at: [1]Library and Information Science Directory of Iran (LISDIRAN). Iranian Weblogs of Library and Information Science. Available at:
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1 Library and Information Science Directory of Iran (LISDIRAN). Iranian Weblogs of Library and Information Science. Available at:

Libworld – Hungary

Our guest author from Hungary is Daniel Takacs and lives in the capital, Budapest. He is working as a weblibrarian at the Library of the Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Arts and Design. Besides he studies library and information science and Hungarian literature at the Eötvös Loránd Science University Budapest.
In the nineties of the last century in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences an Arts Hannover and Rijkshogeschool Ijselland (Deventer) the university developed a curriculum for library education.

For more information about library scene in Hungary take a look at or call Daniels blog ‘Élet és könyvtár’ (Life & Library) up at
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Libworld – Spain

According to the origin of the tradition of World Book Day we start our experiment with a contribution from Catalonia. ‘La bibliotecària gamoia’ is blogging at in Catalan. She invites us to hear the sounds of Catalan language by using a literary audio anthology specially prepared by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya for the 2006 ‘Diada de Sant Jordi’ (World Book Day). In her considerations she does not only concentrate on Catalonia but on the whole Spanish biblioblogosphere.
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Libworld – an introduction

Wie bereits angekündigt, nimmt das Infobib-Team den Welttag des Buches zum Anlass, ein Experiment zu starten. Die Idee war, BloggerInnen weltweit aufzurufen, einen kurzen Abriss der Biblioblogosphere ihres Heimatlandes zu geben und diese Gastbeiträge in regelmäßigen Abständen auf Infobib zu veröffentlichen. So wollen wir herausfinden, wie einfach internationale Kooperation sein kann.
Erfreulicherweise haben wir bereits die ersten Rückmeldungen erhalten. Passend zum Ursprung der Tradition des Welttag des Buches möchten wir die Reihe mit einem Beitrag aus Katalonien eröffnen.

As announced the Infobib team uses the World Book and Copyright Day as an opportunity to start an experiment. The idea was to call bloggers from all over the world to give a review about the biblioblogosphere in their country and to post these guest articles in regular intervals at Infobib. That way we want to find out, how easy international cooperation can be.
Fortunately we received first responses. According to the origin of the tradition of World Book Day we like to launch the series with a contribution from Catalonia.
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