IFLA conference: South Africa meets Singapore

Our LibWorld guest author Ivan Chew from Singapore writes about meeting two librarians from South Africa at the IFLA conference in Durban. They didn’t seem to hear about blogging until now, but that’s the case with most librarians all over the world. Ivan writes:

I asked them if they have blogs, or heard about blogs. They looked quizzically at me. Ntutu said she heard it mention in an advertisement (non-library related it seems) but no, they didn’t really know about. She asked what it was about. I said it was a free service, just like Internet email services, that allows the user to create accounts a start their own websites or online diaries. Suggested they try www.blogger.com or wordpress.com. So maybe they might start blogging after this.

He ends his article stating…:

their professional attitude of “trying their best given what we have” — I couldn’t help but admire and respect them.

LibWorld – Singapore

Our guest author from the smallest country in Southeast Asia, Singapore, is Ivan Chew. His current job is to manage and develop the Adults & Young People services, looking into collection, programmes and services. He is serving a 4-year term (2005 – 2009) in the IFLA Standing Committee for Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section.

Singapore disposes of a distinguished equipment and an innovative arranged librarianship. It deemed to be as one of the best in the world. Since September 2001 exists for example the “eLibraryHub“, a virtual library, where every citizen of Singapore can use all online services.
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