Get it loud in the libraries

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) presents a toolkit for libraries that want to organize concerts in their rooms.

This March sees the national roll-out of Get It Loud In Libraries. The award
winning programme of live music in public libraries, which has witnessed incendiary
performances from critically acclaimed artists as Adele, Bat For Lashes and Florence
+ The Machine, reverberate amongst the traditionally quiet bookshelves. Kicking off
the month of music will be the talented 16 year old pop starlet, Daisy Dares You,
who is seen as the perfect act to launch the UK franchise.

Get It Loud In Libraries originates from libraries in Lancashire, where the tiny
stage has showcased the talents of The Blackout, British Sea Power and Juliette
Lewis. The project was conceived by Stewart Parsons of Lancashire Libraries to
allow more relevant cultural access to libraries for young people who love music
but don’t necessarily use libraries, and is proving a popular original format for
delivering the traditional library brief to entertain, inform and educate.

Get it Loud in Libraries encourages everyone to get involved, so if you or your
library would like to take part, the Get it Loud in Libraries toolkit offers a
step-by-step guide to staging live music events in public libraries.

In the Get it Loud guide there’s plenty of information about booking and all the other things a live venue should know about.

[Thanks to Peter Alsbjer!]

Live in the library 6: Mika Miko – Wild Bore

Live gigs in the library seems to be almost always been held by musicians who like to play soft and quiet.
Mika Miko, a punk rock band from Los Angeles, USA, like it hard and loud and they proved that on April 20th, 2008 in the Los Angeles Central Library.

I’m not really sure if this song is called “Wild Bore” or “Capricorinations”. Los Angeles punk rock librarians, can you help me? And if you find other nice clips of live gigs in libraries please tell me in the comments! All songs will be tagged with “live in the library“.

Update: Sorry, I embedded the wrong video clip…

Live in the library 5: No Age – Sleeper Hold

No Age call themselves a experimental / powerpop / punk band (at least on MySpace). On April 20th, 2008 they performed live at the Los Angeles Central Library.

Live in the library obviously doesn’t have to be nice and quiet.

If you find other clips of live gigs in libraries please tell me in the comments! All songs will be tagged with “live in the library“.

Live in the library 4: Molly, Joho & Daddy – Mirador (by Efterklang)

Not really live in a library but at least in front of a library and organized by a library is this song. World’s famous Molly, Jojo & Daddy are performing a song called “Mirador”. It’s orginally by the Danish band Efterklang. I doubt that they can perform this song as intense as Molly, Joho & Daddy do. But you can check yourself at Efterklangs current tour through Europe.

If you find nice clips of live gigs in libraries please tell me in the comments! All songs will be tagged with “live in the library“.

Live in the library 2: Peter Morén – Take On Me

Bibliothekspop was an event in december 2009 in Stockholm. The public library presented some live gigs in their own building. One of those gigs was by Peter Morén, who is very popular in Sweden as a member of Peter, Bjorn and John. Here you can see him with his version of a song originally by another wellknown band from Scandinavia.

If you find nice clips of live gigs in libraries please tell me in the comments! All songs will be tagged with “live in the library“.

Thanks to Peter!

Live in the library 1: Thomas Leeb – Riddle

Last week I posted a video of Kristin Hersh playing live in the Burnley Library and I received several positive responses. That made me think of a weekly “live in the library posting” here at Infobib. If you find nice clips of live gigs in libraries please tell me in the comments! All songs will be tagged with “live in the library“.

Let’s kick off this little series with “Riddle” by Thomas Leeb, a really remarkable guitar player. If you listen to his song without seeing him performing, you could think that there’s a complete band.

(Thanks again to Frank!)

ISBN2WP – Alpha Release


Read the first thoughts about a plugin that sucks bibliographic data from library catalogues here and here (both German). Since it does a bit more than just connecting to a SRU service, I renamed it from ISBN2SRU to ISBN2WP. Another name change is very likely to come soon.

How it works

Just insert an ISBN into your posting:
The plugin grabs bibliographic data (Dublin Core) the Common Union Catalogue via SRU, adds a search link to GVK via SeeAlso (I currently use isbn2gso) and includes a OpenUrl COinS. The latter makes it easy to grab the bibliographic data with, for example by Zotero.

A short showcase…

First plugin, first screencast…

Update: The youtube clip is of rather poor quality. You can view the pure flash file here

To do

  • The COinS export is anything but perfect, and so is the presentation of the given Dublin Core metadata. Any ideas how to improve this, anyone?
  • I didn’t manage to include the wordpress options hook properly. Help!
  • Links to diverse services will be integrated (Scirus, Google Scholar …)
  • A bunch of other things. For example support for DOI, URN

Download & Installation

  1. Extract isbn2wp (ZIP) and drop the folder “isbn2wp” into the plugins folder (/wp-contents/plugins/) of your WordPress installation.
  2. Go to your WordPress settings page and activate ISBN2WP.
  3. Start testing
  4. Leave a comment if you discover bugs or if you want to improve ISBN2WP.


Thanks to Stefan, Meinhard, Lambert, Martin, Jakob, Patrick, Edlef and all the others who helped me with hints and cheats to build this draft of a useful plugin! This plugin appears by courtesy of the library of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.

Licence & Disclaimer

  1. GPL
  2. This plugin works – somehow. It’s absolutely not perfect, I made no security testings and I guarantee absolutely nothing. Have fun!

The LibWorld Cover Contest

After receiving overwhelming positive resonance from our readers and our LibWorld authors we would like to publish a book with updated LibWorld articles. And now we are searching for the ultimate LibWorld book cover!

When you are inspired by the idea of connecting global librarianship and maybe you are a bit talented in graphics: Make a book cover and send it to us. Deadline is 6th of July. We will make a public vote for the winner. And the winner wins the book cover. 😉


  1. The book (including the cover) will be published under a creative commons licence (
  2. Size: 15,24×22,86mm (6″ x 9″); Pixel: 1913 x 2925
  3. The Cover can be sent to us .PSD file or as .GIF file. We would appreciate to get both.
  4. The artwork should include:
    • The publisher’s name: Infobib
    • The book title: LibWorld – library blogging worldwide
  5. You can get more information at (where the book will be published)
  6. We welcome the use of Free/Libre Open Source Software. Please send a note if you use such software (for example GIMP or Scribus).
  7. Please send your artwork to
  8. Deadline: 6th of July

If you have questions and comments, please use the comment funktion beyond.

LibWorld – Switzerland II

This week our LibWorld journey stops once again in Switzerland. After Heidi Stieger introduced the German-speaking biblioblogosphere of Switzerland to us, Jean-Phillippe Accart continues with the frenchspeaking blogosphere. He is Head of Information and Public Services at the Swiss National Library, has always been very concerned by exchanging and sharing information with other library professional since 20 years. His own website has been created in 2003, and a new version relaunched in 2007. The same year, Archimag, a French professional magazine, has designated JP Accart as one of the five people that have mostly influenced the French-speaking library world. Among other books, the last one, “Le Métier de documentaliste”, is considered as a reference book in librarianship.
„LibWorld – Switzerland II“ weiterlesen