ISBN2WP – Alpha Release


Read the first thoughts about a plugin that sucks bibliographic data from library catalogues here and here (both German). Since it does a bit more than just connecting to a SRU service, I renamed it from ISBN2SRU to ISBN2WP. Another name change is very likely to come soon.

How it works

Just insert an ISBN into your posting:
The plugin grabs bibliographic data (Dublin Core) the Common Union Catalogue via SRU, adds a search link to GVK via SeeAlso (I currently use isbn2gso) and includes a OpenUrl COinS. The latter makes it easy to grab the bibliographic data with, for example by Zotero.

A short showcase…

First plugin, first screencast…

Update: The youtube clip is of rather poor quality. You can view the pure flash file here

To do

  • The COinS export is anything but perfect, and so is the presentation of the given Dublin Core metadata. Any ideas how to improve this, anyone?
  • I didn’t manage to include the wordpress options hook properly. Help!
  • Links to diverse services will be integrated (Scirus, Google Scholar …)
  • A bunch of other things. For example support for DOI, URN

Download & Installation

  1. Extract isbn2wp (ZIP) and drop the folder “isbn2wp” into the plugins folder (/wp-contents/plugins/) of your WordPress installation.
  2. Go to your WordPress settings page and activate ISBN2WP.
  3. Start testing
  4. Leave a comment if you discover bugs or if you want to improve ISBN2WP.


Thanks to Stefan, Meinhard, Lambert, Martin, Jakob, Patrick, Edlef and all the others who helped me with hints and cheats to build this draft of a useful plugin! This plugin appears by courtesy of the library of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.

Licence & Disclaimer

  1. GPL
  2. This plugin works – somehow. It’s absolutely not perfect, I made no security testings and I guarantee absolutely nothing. Have fun!