Online-Videoverleih über die Bibliothek

Die Exeter Public Library hat einen Vertrag mit dem Online-Videoverleih Netflix geschlossen. Ziel ist es, den Bibliotheksbenutzern auch Filme verfügbar zu machen, die nicht im Besitz der Bibliothek sind.

Im Bibliotheksblog ist dazu folgendes zu lesen:

The Library has subscribed to Netflix, the online movie rental service. Now, if there is a title you are looking for that isn’t on our shelves or the shelves of any other RI library, you can request that we get it through Netflix for you. This is a great way to view the popular movies that are always out, as well as the documentaries, foreign films, and television series that aren’t available at the local libraries. It’s also a great way for us to provide the materials you want, without having to purchase several copies of the same title.
How it works: you place a paper or e-mail request with us. If the title is not readily available through the regular library delivery system, we will go into our Netflix account and order it for you. When the movie arrives, we will notify you and you can check it out for one week with your library card – just like the movies we own. Depending on how popular the service become, your DVDs should arrive very quickly.

Wie den Kommentaren zu entnehmen ist, kann die Bibliothek jedoch nur drei Videos gleichzeitig per Netflix entleihen.

[via The Shifted Librarian]