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Latvia was part of the Soviet Union until declaring independence in September 1991. On May 1st 2004 it became a member of the European Union.

“During the years since the independence Latvia has undertaken huge efforts to develop and equip the libraries according to their new tasks. Many initiatives of the state, the local authorities and private foundations have been provided for that purpose. The most ambitious project is the concept of the „national uniform library information system“

(VVBIS, now called „lightnets“), to which all Latvian libraries shall be affiliated until 2007 and which is closely connected with the project of a new building for the National Library. [1] Cirule, Sandra: Veränderungen in der Arbeit der Bibliotheken Lettlands: Theorie und Praxis, in: Bibliothek 28.2004 Nr.2, S.184-187
. With the aid of “lightnets” all public libraries in Latvia can provide free internet access and latest technology.

If these rapid developments in librarianship influenced the growth of the biblioblogosphere too we will learn from our guest author Jānis Ziediņš.

Historical view

I was thinking about my professional blog in the end of 2006. I am in cultural information technologies and library sphere since 2001, so I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas more public, not only in my notepad.

The push to start my blog was on well known conference ELAG 2007 at May 2007. At that moment I can say that my blog Bibliotēka 2.0 was really the first library related blog (but not real library blog) in Latvia. I am writing mostly about Library 2.0 issues related to situation in libraries of Latvia. My aim is to try to give more information in Latvian language – both my own written articles and also adopted and translated, including hot news form librarysphere in the world.

Small, small libraries blogosphere

Latvian libraries blogosphere is just born and now is growing up.
As I mention above, the blog was the first one. Actually there was a small try to blog on January 2007 by National Library of Latvia, but that stopped after two posts. In my blog I was trying to show librarians that blogging is easy and give them ideas how to start.

Summer 2007 was silent until August which came with surprises – one small library started their own blog – Pārlielupes library. So they got the title – First library blog in Latvia. This blog is really active and consist of posts about library related things, and is used as connection with users of library. As I noticed there is more than one author and it makes me think that blog will survive.

Next which follows is Aizputes library blog. Actually this blog more looks like a small homepage, but information is good, mostly related to library, and what makes sense – it goes to library end users.

Last, but not least I found out that Inga Marriotta student of University of Latvia (The Faculty of Social Sciences) is writing her blog As she wrote on her first post that purpose of this blog is to have connection with other students, exchange with information, and share ideas. I think, great and easy way.

Make it happen

Librarians in Latvia are relative new to such Web 2.0 activities as blogging, tagging, wikis, community building, RSS, but slowly everything changes. As far as I see my blog visitor statistics is increasing week by week.

Libworld Latvia

That shows we are going the right way and I expect the growth of library related blogs, wider use of Web 2.0 services, and changing libraries.


1 Cirule, Sandra: Veränderungen in der Arbeit der Bibliotheken Lettlands: Theorie und Praxis, in: Bibliothek 28.2004 Nr.2, S.184-187