Live in the library 14: Audacious Bibliosophs aka QC and the Sunshine Band

The 14th library gig I found is a special one. It’s not only in a library. The band members happen to be librarians. Of course: librarians who are cool enough to play “Wipe out” in their library are bloggers, too. At least two of them. My recommendation: Read those two postings (1, 2) and listen to the Audacious Bibliosophs aka QC and the Sunshine Band:

The Audacious Bibliosophs- LIVE IN CONCERT from Daniel Messer on Vimeo.

Their self-description:

There happens to be a large amount of musicians on staff at the Queen Creek Branch Library. A while back we decided to get together, form a band, and then play for a programme during our summer reading time! Holly leads things off by telling the kiddos that learning a musical instrument takes time and then we get into the thick of things with filked renditions of Tequila (Queen Creek Library Rocks), Wipe Out, Hang On Sloopy (Hang On Library), Margaritaville (Summer Reading Time), and What a Wonderful World.

If you find nice clips of live gigs in libraries please tell me in the comments! All songs will be tagged with “live in the library“.