Survey on Research Information Management Practices

OCLC Research und EuroCRIS führen gemeinsam eine Umfrage zu Forschungsinformationsmanagement in der Praxis durch. Sie richtet sich sowohl an Einrichtungen, die schon ein Forschungsinformationssystem einsetzen, als auch an solche, die dies erst überlegen.

The Survey on Research Information Management Practices provides an opportunity for research institutions to share information about their practices so that we can understand and report on the state of RIM activities, drivers, and practices worldwide. We are interested in learning more about any institutional effort to collect a registry or bibliography of local research activity, for any purpose, and we are particularly keen to learn more about library activities to support RIM. Widespread participation in this survey will help your institution know more about what other institutions are doing, why they are doing it, and how many resources they are allocating.

Survey findings and data will be published CC-BY in 2018.


Die Umfrage endet im frühren Januar 2018.

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