Neoliberale Digital Humanities?

Daniel Allington, Sarah Brouillette und David Golumbia haben im L.A. Review of Books einen sehr meinungsstarken Artikel über Herkunft und Ziel der Digital Humanities veröffentlicht: Neoliberal Tools (and Archives): A Political History of Digital Humanities.

Yet despite the aggressive promotion of Digital Humanities as a radical insurgency, its institutional success has for the most part involved the displacement of politically progressive humanities scholarship and activism in favor of the manufacture of digital tools and archives. Advocates characterize the development of such tools as revolutionary and claim that other literary scholars fail to see their political import due to fear or ignorance of technology. But the unparalleled level of material support that Digital Humanities has received suggests that its most significant contribution to academic politics may lie in its (perhaps unintentional) facilitation of the neoliberal takeover of the university.

Es lohnt sich, den ganzen Artikel zu lesen, aber dieser Absatz fasst den Tenor des Textes recht gut zusammen. Ich bin gespannt auf die Antworten aus der Digital-Humanities-Szene.

[via @ernestopriego]