LibWorld – Russia

Our guest author from Russia is Katerina Martjyanova from Yekaterinburg. She works as a reference librarian at the Ural State University Library. She is one of the few librarian bloggers in Russia, you can find more information about her on her blog: Library Bat


I was very surprised and flattered, when in the end of may I was asked to write a sort of article about Russian biblioblogoshere for the international project Infobib. I must confess that I first agreed and then started thinking what I will be writing about, as at that moment I was sure I was the only librarian-blogger in Russia. The situation has changed recently. I have learned that my friend and coworker Marianna Ponikarovskaya has a kind of blog on library related topics. And in the end of june the Russian State Library has also started blogging. So, one can say that nowadays there are at least three library blogs in Russia.

But still I want to focus your attention on the fact, that it is too early to speak about Russian biblioblogoshere. To my mind, any subject-oriented blogosphere consists of two core components – authors, that keep a blog, and readers, that read posts and comment them. But in Russia both of these components are poorly developed.

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