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After receiving overwhelming positive resonance from our readers and our LibWorld authors we would like to publish a book with updated LibWorld articles. And now we are searching for the ultimate LibWorld book cover!

When you are inspired by the idea of connecting global librarianship and maybe you are a bit talented in graphics: Make a book cover and send it to us. Deadline is 6th of July. We will make a public vote for the winner. And the winner wins the book cover. ;-)


  1. The book (including the cover) will be published under a creative commons licence (
  2. Size: 15,24×22,86mm (6″ x 9″); Pixel: 1913 x 2925
  3. The Cover can be sent to us .PSD file or as .GIF file. We would appreciate to get both.
  4. The artwork should include:
    • The publisher’s name: Infobib
    • The book title: LibWorld – library blogging worldwide
  5. You can get more information at (where the book will be published)
  6. We welcome the use of Free/Libre Open Source Software. Please send a note if you use such software (for example GIMP or Scribus).
  7. Please send your artwork to
  8. Deadline: 6th of July

If you have questions and comments, please use the comment funktion beyond.

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10 Kommentare

  1. Bücherninja:

    Cool! Who will be able to vote the winner?

  2. CH:

    We’ll make a public poll, so everyone will be able to vote.

  3. Laurent Meese:

    Nice initiative! I’ve mentioned the contest on my blog, maybe the Belgian librarians can create surrealist(ic) inspired covers ;)

  4. Laura:


    Cool idea! I have some strange ideas. But I cant send so lagre files. Its 5 mega byte. How can I send?

  5. CH:

    You could use a service like to tranfer huge files.

    Please contact me via mail if there’s any problem.

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  7. Gamoia:

    I’ve published the contest on my blog. Let’s see if someone from Spain would like to engage in it.

  8. CH:

    @all: The first contribution arrived!

    @Gamoia: Thanks! I hope we will have some other contributions soon!

  9. CH:

    We have a second contribution! :o)

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