EU-Studie zum Urheberrecht

Unter der Leitung von Bernt Hugenholtz wurde eine EU-Studie mit dem Titel “‘Recasting of copyright and related rights for the knowledge economy” (PDF) erstellt. Auszug aus dem executive summary:

The authors of this study are not convinced by the arguments made in favour of a term extension. The term of protection currently laid down in the Term Directive (50 years from fixation or other triggering event) is already well above the minimum standard of the Rome Convention (20 years), and substantially longer than the terms that previously existed in many Member States. Stakeholders have based their claim mainly on a comparison with the law of the United States, where sound recordings are protected under copyright law for exceptionally long terms (life plus 70 years or, in case of works for hire, 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation). Perceived from an international perspective the American terms are anomalous and cannot serve as a legal justification for extending the terms of related rights in the EU…

[via Netzpolitik]