Alles außer Hühnern

Auf der Webseite mit dem schönen Namen Every Topic in the Universe but Chicken wird eine Lösung für das Vandalismusproblem bei Wikipedia vorgeschlagen. Die nicht ganz ernste Idee lautet:

ALL WE NEED TO DO is direct our vandalism entirely to the article about chickens. Imagine a Wikipedia free of vandalism! A WIKIPEDIA FREE OF PAGES THAT SAY JODIE FOSTER IS HISTORY’S GREATEST VILLAIN. I like Jodie Foster. I think she’s great.

Friends, this goal is within reach. I give you a new Wikipedia. A Wikipedia evolved, a Wikipedia that lives here in the real world. A Wikipedia that makes just one tiny concession to vandals, a concession for the greater good. I give you Wikipedia 2.0, otherwise known as Wikipedia: Every Topic In The Universe, Except Chickens (Dot Com).