Bibliothek != E-Learning

Zwei Artikel über Bibliotheken und E-Learning:

Library Resources Must Not Be E-Learning Tools

Just exactly what do non-librarians think of the myriad library databases they can access courtesy of their local library. Not much apparently. Well, they certainly don’t think of the library’s resources as learning tools. Or it may be that they only think of the library resources as gateways to information, but by themselves not as resources that can facilitate or promote student learning. We need to do more to get our user community thinking of the library’s databases, bibliographic manager tools, and more as robust learning tools.

A List Without Libraries

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ list of Top 100 Tools for Learning — culled from top-10 charts created by e-learning experts — names a wide array of tech tools that professors have come to love. Among the items that made the cut are Web browsers, e-mail clients, RSS feeders, blogging programs, and, of course, Microsoft’s evergreen PowerPoint presentation software.

But online library resources, which would seem like a good fit for e-learners, are notably absent from the master list. What gives? “It’s not as if the responding experts ignored information-retrieval tools,” writes Steven Bell at ACRLog. “Both Google and Google Scholar are on the top-100 list. And it’s not as if these experts wouldn’t know something about library databases.”

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