Vancouvers Bibliothekarinnen streiken für Gleichberechtigung

The Wicked Librarian (author of LibWorld – Greece) macht auf einen Artikel in “The Tyee” aufmerksam: Vancouver’s Library Strike: Women’s Pay on the Line

Dem Artikel zufolge verdienen weibliche Bibliotheksmitarbeiter bis zu 6$ weniger pro Stunde für ähnliche Tätigkeiten im Vergleich zu männlichen Kollegen. Die Canadian Union of Public Employees hat dazu eine Studie verfasst:

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has released a report proving that municipal library workers are underpaid compared to other municipal workers, library workers in other public libraries and in other municipal libraries in the country.

Das Fazit der Untersuchung:

Library workers are undervalued and underpaid. Many earn so little they live below the poverty line and many who earn more are in the ranks of the working poor.
Historically, jobs that have a high concentration of female employees have lower pay than jobs with higher concentrations of men. Library jobs are in this category.
Library employees are among the few B.C. public sector workers who have seen no pay equity gains in the last decade.
Gender-based wage discrimination is unacceptable in the 21st century. As a society we must address it by evaluating and rewarding jobs based on the nature of the work not the typical gender of the person providing the work. Women and men who choose to work providing the valuable public services in libraries deserve better.
Library workers who have been fortunate enough to work for municipal, provincial or federal bodies that have begun pay equity programs are already experiencing greater wage justice. It will be easier to recruit and retain skilled library workers when they know they are not being discriminated against with each pay cheque they receive. All B.C. library workers deserve to achieve the same gains as other library workers have in escaping the pink ghetto.

Wie sieht es damit eigentlich hierzulande aus? Vielleicht weiß ja jemand vom Genderblog oder von Gender@Wiki genaueres…