Bibliotherapie II

Das Thema Bibliotherapie hatten wir hier schon einmal. Ich weiß immer noch nicht so genau, was es damit auf sich hat. Aber es scheint zu helfen:

In times of stress, confusion, frustration and all around low feelings, what better salve than a good read? This is something I’m just now rediscovering after a few years away from that magical, curious past-time known as “pleasure reading”… sure, I have plenty of other kinds of reading to do. More than I know what to do with, in fact, which is why pleasure reading has gone to the wayside. But material on library networks and community informatics is even drier than dry when you’re down in the dumps, so last week I picked up my first fiction in a long time.

Handelt es sich also einfach um leichte Lektüre im Krankenbett? Auf jeden Fall gute Besserung!