LibWorld and beyond: do we need global LibNews?

Our LibWorld project is growing and growing, and it seems to me, that the next step can be made. Blogging is about communication, so let’s communicate!

Idea: Bibliobloggers from all over the world are making news compilations every now and then, tagging them in a special way. English language as a scientific lingua franca would be first choice for such articles. Now, there are two ways to realize this:

Suggestion A: the manual approach
The article authors are tagging their articles in a social bookmarking tool. I would suggest bibsonomy, it’s much faster than But any service will do. If this is too much work, I would volunteer to do that for all. [1]As long as it’s not 20 articles per day! ;o) With manual tagging we would avoid a lot of spam.

Suggestion B: the automatic approach
Everybody tags those articles for himself. Let Technorati et al do the work of collecting. This would be vulnerable to spam.

How to tag?
The tags should follow strict rules. Are we librarians, or not? Maybe something like:

libnews_XY with XY=top level domain

That would be …

  • libnews_be for Belgium
  • libnews_fi for Finland
  • libnews_de for Germany
  • libnews_in for India
  • libnews_ru for Russia
  • libnews_us for USA …

… plus libnews as a general tag for all articles.

Example with Bibsonomy:
German tag. German feed.
Global tag. Global feed.

Example with Technorati:
All that technorati finds for libnews_de. Could take a while until this article is indexed.

By the way: Jemory had a similar idea, and Netbib (German) is discussing almost the same, too.

To answer my initial question: Do we need global LibNews? Yes. For me it’s just a question of how to do it.

Your comments, thoughts, suggestions, please!


1 As long as it’s not 20 articles per day! ;o)