Papers: Literaturverwaltung für Mac/OS

Gerade bin ich zufällig über eine Literaturverwaltung namens Papers gestolpert.

Papers contains everything you need to get your favorite articles in your personal library. Importing PDFs that you already downloaded before is easy, you match them using your favorite online article repository like PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, etc. and all the metadata is automatically added. You might as well skip this altogether and start from scratch, the completely integrated search engines is the number one thing you are really going to like. Three clicks is all you need to find a paper and add it to your library. And finally we allow you to leverage the full power of your favorite search engine using predefined search terms. Looking for all reviews within your favourite topic, with full text open access? You got it!

Hat das ein zufällig mitlesender Apple-Nutzer mal ausprobiert?