Paul Mawhinneys Musikarchiv steht zum Verkauf

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Paul Mawhinney löst seine Sammlung musikalischer Tonträger (eine der größten der Welt) auf, da er nicht mehr für den Unterhalt aufkommen kann.

Every genre of American music is represented: rock; jazz; country; R&B; blues; new age; Broadway and Hollywood; bluegrass; folk; children’s; comedy; Christmas, and more. No other collection in the world – publicly or privately held – even comes close.

Im ersten Anlauf hat er keinen Käufer gefunden, obwohl er einen sehr moderaten Preis für diese einzigartige Sammlung verlangt. Am liebsten würde er die Sammlung so verkaufen, dass sie der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht wird:

The History of American music belongs in a museum or a library; a place where people who love music and have an interest in history and popular American culture can look, listen, touch, read and appreciate this legacy for future generations. It could be part of a stand-alone music museum, a major exhibit in an existing museum, or the basis of a university music library. Cleverly arranged and displayed, and surrounded by additional cultural memorabilia, the collection could even become a tourist attraction.

Although, as the new owner, you are free to do as you please with the collection, We’d love to find a buyer who will keep the collection intact (other than to sell duplicate copies, if so desired) and to keep the music alive for the enjoyment and music lovers, now and for years to come.

If you represent a museum, library, university, or charitable foundation, or you’re a philanthropist interested in purchasing the collection and donating it, please contact the owner’s representatives for more information, pricing and a personal on-site inspection.

Es ist zu hoffen, dass die Sammlung in ein Land wandert, in dem die Copyrightfristen nicht nach ad infinitum verlängert werden, sobald Micky Maus gemeinfrei zu werden droht.

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