Valmadonna Trust Library zu verkaufen

Die Valmadonna Trust Library ist eine bedeutende Kollektion hebräischer Schriften. Sothebys hat anlässlich des bevorstehenden Verkaufs einen hübsche Videoführung durch den Bestand veröffentlicht.

Laut Wikipedia enthält die Sammlung unter anderem:

* A well-preserved set of the Babylonian Talmud (1519-23) designed by a panel of scholars and codifying many aspects of how the Talmud is laid out, printed in Venice by Daniel Bomberg; this was acquired by Lunzer from the collection of Westminster Abbey in exchange for a 900-year-old copy of the Abbey’s original Charter, and supporting endowments, fulfilling a 25 year dream.[2], [1]

* A Hebrew Bible from England (known as the Codex Valmadonna I), handwritten in 1189 and looted the next year during the destruction of the Jewish community of York, which is the only known surviving Hebrew text from England dated prior to the expulsion of the Jews in 1290 under King Edward I.[1] ,[2]

* A Franco-German Pentateuch, probably written in the tenth or eleventh century

* A 12th-century scroll of the Pentateuch from the Samaritans, written in the Samaritan alphabet.[1]

* The first Mikraot Gedolot

* The earliest dated illustrated Haggadah of Pesach known to exist, printed in Prague in 1526.[1]

* A Pentateuch from 1547 Constantinople, containing Spanish and Greek translations written using Hebrew script.[1]

* One of the first illustrated Hebrew books: A 1492 Mishna with commentary by Maimonides

* The first book printed in Lisbon, 1489, Nahmanides’ commentary on the Pentateuch.

* A 19th-century copy of A Thousand and One Nights from Calcutta, in Arabic spelled out in Hebrew script.[1]

* An illustrated guide for shechita from early twentieth century Pakistan, with Hebrew and Marathi on facing pages.[1]

* A copy of every Hebrew book published in Cremona during the ten year period such printing was allowed, ending in the 1560s.[1]

* The first book ever printed in Turkey, a 1493 copy of the Arba’ah Turim.[1]

* The first book ever printed in Africa, a Hebrew book about prayer from 1516 Fez.[1]

* The first scientific work printed in Portugal, by Abraham Zacuto in 1496.[1]

* An 1848 copy of the Communist Manifesto in German, one of 11 surviving copies of the first edition’s February 1848 second printing in London.[3]

* A Book of Psalms with part of its Radak commentary crossed out by a Christian censor.

* A 1666 Dutch newspaper with a front page headline and article describing Sabbatai Zevi

* A Venice Sukka decoration from 1783

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