Lemire: Cheaters are innovators

Daniel Lemire meint man dürfe nicht zu sehr nach Konsens suchen, wenn man etwas verändern will:

  • You do not convince existing journals to give more respect to this new field you created. You go out and create your own journals and conferences. John von Neumann did not wait for his colleagues to approve of his work on Computers. In fact, he had to use threats to get what he wanted.
  • You do not convince libraries to embrace e-commerce. You create Amazon.com.
  • You do not convince university librarians to stop worrying about what the publishers need. You go out and create Google Scholar.
  • You do not wait for Amazon.com’s management to approve the use of a recommender system. You do what Greg Linden did and squeeze the feature in during a test.
  • If you can prove Poincaré conjecture, you don’t wait for a journal to approve your work, you just post it on arxiv.

Lemires Blog ist häufig lesenswert, ob er nun für eine autorenzentrierte Wissenschaft plädiert oder aber die Wahrheit über Forschungsförderung herauszufinden versucht.