Nina Paley: Credit is Due (The Attribution Song)

Urheberrechtlich einwandfreier Ohrwurm von Nina Paley. Hintergrund und Entstehungsgeschichte kann man hier und hier nachlesen.

Movie and song by Nina Paley
Performed by Evanescent (Vocals & Ukele: Bliss Blood, Guitar: Al Street)
Sound effects design by Greg Sextro

Always give credit where credit is due
if you didn’t write it, don’t say it’s by you
just copy the credit along with the work
or else you’ll come off as an arrogant jerk

Always give credit where credit belongs
we know that you didn’t write Beethoven’s songs
pretending you did makes you look like a fool
unless you’re Beethoven — in that case, it’s cool

A transparent system makes cheating unwise
the simplest web search exposes your lies
no one wants their reputation besmirched
which happens to liars when they are web-searched

Proper citation will make you a star
it shows that you know that we know who you are
Plagiarization will only harm you
so always give credit where credit is due!

Lizenz: CC-BY-SA