Mendeley -> Zotero

Luis J. Villanueva hat eine Anleitung verfasst, wie man von Mendeley zu Zotero migrieren kann. In sechs Schritten:

  1. Create new folders in Mendeley. You will divide your full library into each folder.
  2. Select a bunch of references from your library and drag-and-drop to an empty folder.
  3. Delete those references from the main library (to avoid duplication). Once the drag-and-drop is done it is as easy as clicking Del on your keyboard.
  4. Go to the new folder, select all the references (Ctrl-A) and hit Ctrl-E.
  5. Save the references in RIS format.
  6. In Zotero, select “Import…” and look for the RIS file. If you have files attached, the RIS file should have the full path to the file in your disk and Zotero will copy it.

Details und Hintergrund sind in seinem Posting “Mendeley sells out; I’m moving to Zotero” zu finden.

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