Participatory Reference

Dave Lankes über “soziale” Auskunft.

Abstract: Who said reference has to be one person, one librarian, one question? Can reference be a social activity? How can we truly put the user at the center of reference? How can we re-imagine reference as a learning activity where the reference librarian facilitates learning? David Lankes will focus on reference as a truly participatory process and how such a process can take advantage in the latest in web technologies.

[via DIG_REF und Virtual Dave]

Ask for What You Want

When was the last time someone said lawyers or doctors needed to update their images into the 21st century? How many skits on Prairie Home Companion or Saturday Night Live have you seen where doctors appear as outdated, dowdy spinsters in need of love or romance? None. Yet Garrison Keillor’s “Adventures of Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian” parades antiquated and stereotyped images of librarians as humor.

Dies und mehrüber das bibliothekarische Selbstbewusstsein und Berufsbild gibt es in folgendem Artikel: Ask for What You Want von Michael Casey & Michael Stephens (Library Journal, 15. August 2007)