LibWorld – Finland

The next stop in our LibWorld journey ist Finland, which is one of the most northern countries in the world. It is famous for its opulence of lakes, the complexity of its language and for its excellent educational system.

Libraries are in the center of the cultural life in Finland and libraries are used to borrow books, read newspapers, use the internet for free or just to meet some friends.
More information about Finnish libraries you can find on the homepage

Reetta Saine, who’s blogging as Kirjaston antitäti hyssyttää, provided valuable information for this article. She’s an expert in Finnish public library blogs.

Our guest author Päivi Hollanti is working as a librarian at the Suomen Virtuaaliammattikorkeakoulu, the Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences and is mainly blogging on eAineistot oppimisen resurssi.
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