Helfer für Haiti gesucht

Auch die Bibliotheken in Haiti haben unter dem Erdbeben gelitten.

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Der BIB hat dazu nun einen Brief der Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (ANCBS) veröffentlicht, in dem Freiwillige zur Mitarbeit bei der Wiederherstellung der Bibliotheken auf Haiti aufgerufen werden:

The Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (ANCBS) wants to help the people of Haiti.

The earthquake in Haiti of 12th January has caused an enormous devastation. The amount of people that lost their lives is beyond imagination. At the moment basic humanitarian aid and the rebuilding of a functioning infrastructure is crucial.

However, as soon as the situation in Haiti has become more stable, Blue Shield wants to help to enable experts from all over the world to support their Haitian colleagues in assessing the damage to the cultural heritage and therefore to the identity of their country. Subsequently, Blue Shield wants to support recovery, restoration and repair measures necessary to rebuild libraries, archives, museums, monuments and sites.
An important task of ANCBS is to coordinate information. ANCBS needs to know who and where the experts are. ANCBS therefore calls upon archivists, restorers, curators, librarians, architects and other experts to register online as a volunteer.

ANCBS wants to be able to bring experts in contact with those organizations that will send missions to Haiti, and make sure that volunteers will be informed about the situation in Haiti.

Please join Blue Shield to help your Haitian colleagues.

You may find the application form via: http://haiti2010.blueshield-international.org/

The statement of Blue Shield on the Haitian earthquake.

The actions of Blue Shield can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter

Please feel free to spread this message!

On behalf of ANCBS,
Karl von Habsburg, President

Weitere Infos gibt es vom BIB.