Bibliothekssoftware von Zwölfjährigem: Libramatic

Ein Zwölfjähriger programmiert eine Bibliothekssoftware: Libramatic. Die Irish Times schreibt:

WHILE MOST school­child­ren are enjoy­ing their sum­mer holi­days, a young boy from Dublin has been busy get­ting on the career lad­der, esta­blis­hing his first tech­no­logy company.

Shane Curran (12) last night laun­ched soft­ware busi­ness Libramatic, which spe­cia­li­ses in smart­phone and web-based library sys­tems. In doing so he became one of Ireland’s youn­gest chief executives.

The Libramatic sys­tem allows libra­ri­ans to manage books easily. The loaning-out and returning of books can be done sim­ply by scan­ning the book’s ISBN code using a smart­phone camera.

[via Netbib & VÖBBlog]