Berners-Lee über die Re-Dezentralisierung des Webs

Tim Berners-Lee in Wired über die Notwendigkeit eines internationalen, offen, effizienten Webs:

“I want a web that’s open, works internationally, works as well as possible and is not nation-based,” Berners-Lee told the audience, which included Martha Lane Fox, Jake Davis (AKA Topiary) and Lily Cole. He suggested one example to the contrary: “What I don’t want is a web where the Brazilian government has every social network’s data stored on servers on Brazilian soil. That would make it so difficult to set one up.”

Den Vertrauensverlust durch den NSA- und GCHQ-Skandal schätzt er als gefährlicher ein als Zensur. Er fordert auch den Schutz von Whistleblowern wie Edward Snowden.