"Mattering in the blogosphere"

Antworten auf eine Umfrage der ALA unter US-amerikanischen Bibliobloggern von Alice in Infoland und Doug Johnson.

Die Fragen:

1. What differentiates blogging for library media specialists from writing for the generalist biblioblogs?

2. What are your professional objectives for blogging?

3. How much time do you devote to blogging?

4. How does having a professional blog impact your work with students?

5. What are the pitfalls for a school librarian to be writing a blog?

6. How does blogging affect your interaction with nonlibrarian colleagues?

7. What has been the response of your faculty and/or administration to your blog?

8. What is the greatest benefit to blogging about school libraries?

9. How do you see the evolution of blogging (i.e., the growth of online video) as intersecting with the job of school media professionals?