Umsetzung von EU-Richtlinien

Robin Stock beschreibt, wie man die Umsetzungsrichtlinien für EU-Rechtsvorschriften finden kann.

Search EUR-Lex for a directive and in the search results, click the “html” link. That brings up the directive with a URL like the following form (I’m looking for directive 76/207/EEC):, where the “3” after “CELEX” indicates the type of display, “1976” the year, “L” a directive, “0207” the directive number, “EN” the language and “HTML” the format. Instead of searching, of course, you can just make up a URL along this pattern for the directive you want.

Change the “3” for the type of display to “7” and the “HTML” to “NOT”:

This brings up a page of “national implementing measures”, i.e. national laws implementing the directive in question, listed in order of member state.

Schon beeindruckend, wie umständlich man Benutzerführung gestalten kann.

[via Linklogbuch]