Economist über "User-generated science"

Im Economist wird versucht, User-generated science greifbar zu machen. Dabei wird auf das Henne-Ei-Problem des wissenschaftlichen Bloggens aufmerksam gemacht (das übrigens genauso auf das Open-Access-Publizieren zutrifft):

With the technology in place, scientists face a chicken-and-egg conundrum. In order that blogging can become a respected academic medium it needs to be recognised by the upper echelons of the scientific establishment. But leading scientists are unlikely to take it up until it achieves respectability. Efforts are under way to change this. Nature Network, an online science community linked to Nature, a long-established science journal, has announced a competition to encourage blogging among tenured staff. The winner will be whoever gets the most senior faculty member to blog. Their musings will be published in the Open Laboratory, a printed compilation of the best science writing on blogs. As an added incentive, both blogger and persuader will get to visit the Science Foo camp, an annual boffins’ jamboree in Mountain View, California.

Besten Dank an an Uli für den Hinweis!