Call for Papers: 5th International Conference on e-Social Science

5th International Conference on e-Social Science in Köln vom 24. bis 26. Juni 2009.

Themen (Auswahl):

* Case studies of e-Research, including benefits and problems in collaboration across organisational, disciplinary and geographical boundaries
* Case studies of ‘Open Access Science’, social networking and ‘Science 2.0’
* Best practice examples of social research data infrastructure, including virtual distributed databases, open access repositories, self-archiving
* Advances in tools and services for data discovery, harmonization, integration, management, annotation, curation and sharing
* Case studies of collaborative research environments, including user engagement, development and use
* User experiences of e-Research infrastructure, services and tools
* Factors influencing the adoption of e-Research, including technical standards, user engagement and outreach, training, sustainability of digital artefacts, IPR and ethics
* New methods, metrics and tools for measuring the adoption and impact of e-Research and for informing policy-making
* The evolving research infrastructure technology roadmap, including grids, cloud computing and web 2.0

Deadlines und weitere Infos und gibt es hier.