Bibliotheksalchemie in Norwegen

Thomas Brevik, der norwegische LibWorld-Autor, beschrieb in seinem Blog ein Experiment, in dem er die digitalen und die analogen Bibliothekswelten zusammenführen will: Bibliotheksalchemie.

Many students go straight to the bookshelves when they want information. Completely bypassing the computers with millions of relevant articles and books that we librarians have cunningly placed conveniently obstructing their way into the library.

By putting a touchscreen (Asus EEE Top) where the books are I hope that they might discover all that is available in digital format as well. The screen shows an article on the subject that is on this shelf, the Falklands war of 1982.

Weitere Informationen gibt es in seinem Blog. Thomas hat auch ein paar (leider nicht creative-commons-lizensierte) Bilder dazu geschossen.