Umfrage zu OpenDOAR und ROAR

The Centre for Research Communications and the University of Southampton would like your help in improving the repository services OpenDOAR ( and ROAR ( We want to know what our users would like to see in the future as developments in our services.

As you know, our services share some aspects in our work on analysing the world’s repositories, but exist as separate services with individual aims. ROAR has a focus on quantitative and statistical analysis of repositories and their holdings; OpenDOAR has a focus on qualitative analysis and policy and standards development.

We would appreciate it if as a user of OpenDOAR or ROAR, you would take a few moments to complete a survey, to help guide the development of both services for your needs.

Survey for OpenDOAR and ROAR Development –

Feel free to forward the URL to anyone you know who may be interested in contributing.