Australien regiert 2.0

Die australische Government 2.0 Taskforce ruft zum Mitmachen auf:

Here is the draft Government 2.0 Taskforce report Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0. The Taskforce is seeking your comments and input before finalising the report to go to Government.

Der Report (PDF) beschreibt eindrücklich, worum es in der gesamten Open-Government-Data geht:

  • Easy to find re-useable public information is, at heart, an invitation to the wider community to engage innovate and create new public value with public sector information (PSI), which often sits underused or simply ignored in government agencies and data banks. As we have seen during our work, as people engage, possibilities – foreseeable and otherwise – are unlocked through the invention, creativity and hard work of citizens, business and community organisations. The government’s job is to liberate much more of its information as a key national asset.
  • Public agencies and professional public servants are also invited to engage more energetically with the tools and capabilities of ‘collaborative web’ or Web 2.0. Everything, from enabling data to be re-used, to forming and participating in online communities in their areas of interest will help build a public service that is smarter, more responsive, more strategic and personally rewarding.
  • Public agencies and their public servants increasingly associate good practice with deeper engagement with those outside the public service. As the new Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) guidelines make clear, Web 2.0 tools like blogs and wikis now provide unprecedented opportunities to take this much further.
    In the transition from traditional consultation towards true community collaboration engaging the community and the public service alike is key. In this more open, connected and instinctively adaptive and innovative process, the motivation, interest and skills of all involved contributes to it success.
  • Engagement between those in and outside the public service is constrained by the need for public servants to continue to be professional and apolitical. Creating the culture and practices that can seize the new opportunities but yet stay true to enduring public service values will not be easy.
  • Dass zur offenen Teilhabe schon an der Ausgestaltung der Richtlinien aufgerufen wird, kann man als klares Statement sehen: Australien meint es ernst. Open Government (Data) ist ganz offensichtlich das Thema der Stunde.

    [via David Weinberger]