The Linked Content Coalition Manifesto and Ten Targets

The Linked Content Coalition Manifesto and Ten Targets (PDF, auch als HTML verfügbar):

01 A global Party ID
Rightsholders and “asserters” should be identified with an identifier linked to the ISNI “hub”.

02 Creation IDs for all
Creations of all types should be identified to any required level of granularity.

03 Right IDs
Content rights should be identified distinct from, but linked to, the Creations to which they relate

04 Resolvable IDs
Identifiers should have a URI form so that where they may be persistently and predictably resolved to multiple services within the internet.

05 Linked IDs
“Cross-standard” links between identifiers should use interoperable terms and be authorised by interested Parties at both ends of the link.

06 Interoperable metadata
Standard content and rights metadata schemas and vocabularies should have authorised, public mappings which enable terms and data to be automatically transformed from one standard into another.

07 Provenance of Rights data
The provenance (“asserter”) of Rights declarations should be made explicit.

08 Digital Rightsholder Statement (“DRS”)
Anyone should be able to make standardised, machine-interpretable public statements about rightsholdings in Creations.

09 Conflict Management
Conflicts between public rights declarations should be automatically identifiable so that their resolution can be managed.

10 Linked Fingerprints
Where digital “fingerprints” or embedded “watermarks” exist, they should be mapped to registered Creation identifiers.