Corbyns Open Knowledge Library

We will create a free-to-use on-line hub of learning resources for the National Education Ser-
vice. The Open Knowledge Library will be the digital repository of lessons, lectures, curricula
and student work from Britain’s nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. We will require
the findings of all state-funded research to be made available without charge to the general
public through this learning portal. In collaboration with the teachers’ unions and the NUS,
the Open Knowledge Library will host virtual meeting places for educational professionals and
students to share experiences, disseminate ideas and form collaborations.

Der Canary verlinkt das Digital Manifesto von Jeremy Corbyn, aus dem diese Passage stammt. Es ist unter folgender URL zu finden:

Angedacht ist ein Repository für wissenschaftliche Publikationen und OER. Weitere Infos auch im Guardian.