Google: Freihandel beinhaltet freies Internet

Google sorgt sich um seine Rendite, die es durch Zensur in China bedroht sieht. Zitat aus Forbes:

For the past several months, Google has been quietly lobbying the U.S. government to include restrictions against Internet censorship as a stipulation in free trade agreements with other countries.

The California-based Internet giant says that barriers to the free flow of information over the Web restrict commerce and economic development, and should therefore be considered barriers to free trade as well.

Folgendes Buch beschäftigt sich mit genau dieser Thematik:
Yahoo und Google in China – Wandel durch Handel? / Martin Woesler. – Aktualisierter Dr.. – Bochum : Europ. Univ.-Verl., 2007

[via Fritjofs Brille]