Finanzkrise und Bibliothekwesen II

Die ALA in einer Presseerklärung:

The American Library Association (ALA) is asking Congress for $100 million in stimulus funding to aid the nation’s working families during the current economic crisis. Aid is sought to stem the bleeding of critical library services that help Americans with job searches, small business development, financial literacy and other essential assistance in hard economic times.

Es wird an dieser Stelle selbstverständlich noch einmal auf den hohen Return on Investment des Bibliothekswesens aufmerksam gemacht:

Investments in libraries often yield high dividends for communities. Studies show economic returns from salaries and wages paid to staff, construction costs, employment services and library purchases. A recent Pennsylvania study points out that for every dollar invested in the public library, the community receives a return of $5.50. A similar report from Florida shows a $6.54 return on investment.

[via Librarian in Black]