Der Medina-Report

Vor kurzem gab’s bei Netbib schon mal eine kleine Meldung zum Medina-Report. Nun gibt’s ein paar Details dazu von Gavin Baker und im Wiki von La Quadrature Du Web. Die offizielle Version des Dokumentes gibt es hier.

Besonders kritisch wird (unter anderem von Bernard Lang) folgender Punkt gesehen:

24. Wishes the scientific community and researchers to enter into voluntary licence-issuing schemes with publishers in order to improve access to works for purposes of teaching and research; however, takes particular note of the value of learned journals, which play a key role in the peer review process of validating the results of academic research, and the financial viability of which is dependent on paid subscriptions;

Zu Bibliotheken und Archiven im Procedure File:

The Green Paper focuses on the exceptions to copyright which are most relevant for the dissemination of knowledge, namely:

1)The exception for the benefit of libraries and archives: two core issues have arisen: the production of digital copies of materials held in the libraries’ collections and the electronic delivery of these copies to users. Under the current legal framework, libraries or archives do not enjoy a blanket exception from the right of reproduction. Reproductions are only allowed in specific cases, which arguably would cover certain acts necessary for the preservation of works contained in the libraries’ catalogues. On the other hand, the library exception and national rules implementing it are not always clear.

Main questions:

* Should the exception for libraries and archives remain unchanged because publishers themselves will develop online access to their catalogues?
* In order to increase access to works, should publicly accessible libraries, educational establishments, museums and archives enter into licensing schemes with the publishers?
* Should the scope of the exception for publicly accessible libraries, educational establishments, museums and archives be clarified with respect to: format shifting; the number of copies that can be made under the exception; the scanning of entire collections held by libraries?
* Is a further Community statutory instrument required to deal with the problem of orphan works, which goes beyond the Commission Recommendation 2006/585/EC?