Ein paar Wahrheiten über den Impact Factor

Im einem Posting über den Impact Factor fragt Frances Scientist: Who are you bullshitting?

Ein paar Zitate:

The impact factor frenzy has generated a class system in science where publication in a journal with the glossiest cover page has become the ultimate goal of the scientist.

The impact factor sickness has not only caught the scientists, it has also affected the morale of major hard-core science journals

Impact factor is a crutch that is most often used by impotent, unimaginative and incompetent committees in the academic institutions for recruitment, promotions, and fiscal matters.

Der ganze Artikel ist höchst lesenswert, also nichts wie hin!

Ebenfalls zum Thema: Show me the data von Mike Rossner, Heather Van Epps und Emma Hill.

It became clear that Thomson Scientific could not or (for some as yet unexplained reason) would not sell us the data used to calculate their published impact factor. If an author is unable to produce original data to verify a figure in one of our papers, we revoke the acceptance of the paper. We hope this account will convince some scientists and funding organizations to revoke their acceptance of impact factors as an accurate representation of the quality—or impact—of a paper published in a given journal.

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