Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV)

Die Open Knowledge Foundation hosted nun Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV), eine Verzeichnis von – genau – Linked Open Vocabularies.

LOV Project in 5 points

  • LOV is about vocabularies (aka. metadata element sets or ontologies) in OWL / RDFS used to describe linked data.
  • LOV provides a single-stop access to the Vocabulary Commons ecosystem
  • LOV helps to improve vocabularies understanding, visibility, usability, synergy, sustainability and overall quality
  • LOV promotes a technically and socially sustainable management of the Vocabulary Commons ecosystem
  • LOV is a community and open project. You are welcome to join the team of gardeners of the Vocabulary Commons!

Dort findet man z.B. diverse Vokabulare, wenn man mal Konferenzen als LOD beschreiben möchte.

[via @acka47]