Movers & Shakers 2013

Die Movers & Shakers 2013 wurden vorgestellt. In den Begründungen liegen viele gute Ideen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten verborgen, aber auch viele Anregungen für Praktiker. Eine subjektive Auswahl:

  • Sue Considines Bibliothek broke new library ground with its Fab Lab, a Maker space (see Lauren Britton, p. 40), and was also the first library in New York State to introduce a 3M Cloud Library. Other programs for users include iPad training; meet-the-author via Skype; and “Take It Apart,” where patrons disassemble objects to see how they work.
  • Amber Hunt führte Open-Source-Software (Koha, CUFTS: Open Source Serials Management und den Linkresolver GODOT) in ihrer Bibliothek ein.
  • Emily Puckett Rodgers:

    In June 2012, Open.Michigan published 16 multimedia “learning objects” (e.g., wiki-based syllabi, interactive quizzes, podcasts, tutorial videos) and 35 open educational resources from faculty representing six disciplines that are openly licensed as part of the Michigan Education Through Learning Objects (MELO 3D) project—the result of a two-year grant-funded project with faculty, staff, and students from across the university.

  • Micah Vandegrift, der sich seine Stelle als “scholarly communications librarian” selbst geschaffen hat: His focus is on outreach to the FSU community, raising awareness about the evolving scholarly research environment, including open access, institutional repositories, author rights (he established an in-house copyright committee), and fair use.
  • Richard Lyda, der die Fahrbibliothek seiner Stadt modernisierte: Arapahoe outreach coordinator Padma Polepeddi (a 2008 Mover & Shaker) says that Lyda “never lets library management forget that…equity of access must include populations that cannot go to four-walled, physical libraries.”

Und der User Experience Librarian Jason Paul Michel oder Matthew Reidsma, der Responsive Design in seine Bibliothek brachte.

[via Netbib und Lesewolke]