Internet Manifesto 2014 der IFLA

Die IFLA hat ihrem 2002 verfassten Internet Manifesto ein Update gegeben. Das Internet Manifesto 2014 ist zur Zeit auf Englisch und Russisch (PDF) verfügbar. Weitere Übersetzungen werden in Kürze sicherlich folgen. Der speziell Bibliotheken betreffende Part beschreibt die Rolle und die Pflichten von Bibliotheken und Informationseinrichtungen. Bibliotheken “have a responsibility to”:

  • serve all of the members of their communities, regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, culture, political affiliation, physical or mental abilities, gender or sexual orientation, or other status
  • provide access to the Internet in an appropriate environment for all users
  • support users, including children and young people, to ensure they have the media and information literacy competencies they need to use their chosen information resources freely, confidently and independently
  • support the right of users to seek and share information
  • strive to ensure the privacy of their users, and that the resources and services that they use remain confidential
  • facilitate and promote intellectual, cultural and economic creativity through access to the Internet, its resources and services.