Divibib in different countries (UPDATE)

Germany and Norway are heavily discussing DiViBibs new service. I just looked for blog postings from other countries.


EBSI 2.0: Prêt de documents numériques

An interesting article which passed by a very good source of information, teaches us that certain German libraries will launch a service of loan for numerical documents with the assistance of a trade partner.

The company DiViBib GMBH will be used as content provider including/understanding of the music, of the sound and audio-visual documents as well as numerical books starting from a Web site. Obviously that the protection of the royalties passes by usual technologies of DRM. what wants to say that a document loses its capacity to be lù at the end of the period of loan, but will not require the return to the library. ; ^) Made interesting mentioned in the article, the same document cannot be borrowed at the same time by two users.

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Bibliotecas Portuguesas: Alemanha entra na era da biblioteca digital

Two libraries of the country had started to disponibilizar for the Internet about ten a thousand workmanships to affiliated its. The idea is to attract the young public mainly.

The municipal libraries of the German cities of Hamburg and Würzburg had started to disponibilizar for audio loan online ten a thousand books in and text, beyond videos.

The project, that still is in the phase of tests, is considered pioneering in the Europe and must include, until June middle, the municipal libraries of Colony and Munique.

To make the loan, the associate of one of the libraries is enough to supply its virtual code in the website of the institution, to choose a heading and to make download of the archive, that will be available in the computer of the user per five days. In the case of the archives of audio video and, the associate also needs to have installed coder WMA.

“It is the reply of the libraries for the digital revolution”, said Holger Behrens, head-executive of the DiViBib, responsible company for the system of virtual loans of the two libraries.

Bildunterschrift: Großansicht DES Bildes mit to give Bildunterschrift: The objective of the virtual libraries is to attract the public jovemHella Schwemer-Martienssen, director of the system of public libraries of Hamburg, said that the public libraries in Germany carry through 350 million loans per year for the traditional form and that it is in the hour of will compete with the Amazon through virtual loans for who cannot or does not want to buy books.

The expectation is that the virtual system attracts the young especially, since they correspond to a great parcel of the users of the Internet.

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There are two some articles. The first one is explained here in Infobib, for the second one I couldn’t find a translation tool others did Sandra find a translation tool for Norwegian-English and Norwegian-German and many other languages.

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