Philip Nelson: Evolution of a Search Engine

Abschließend wird Nelson vollends abstrus und esoterisch:

There may come the day when the search engine will not be programmed by humans anymore. It has become a self-sufficient, self-learning, all-encompassing entity. It may even be able to tell the future; not through magic, but by careful scientific analysis. Neither will it be understood anymore by its own developers. It may be merely superficially controlled, and physically monitored to ensure a healthy machinery.

Er schwadroniert noch ein wenig über Gehirnimplantate und künstliche Intelligenz mit echtem Bewusstsein, bevor er im letzten Absatz zu einem Punkt kommt, an dem Douglas Adams schon 1978 war:

By that time, however, the problem of asking the right questions, and correctly interpreting the answers – a problem that goes as far back as the oracle of Delphi – may remain unsolved.

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