Open Access in Argentinien

Diese Meldung ist schon ein bißchen älter, aber bisher an mir vorbeigegangen: Der argentinische Kongress hat im November ein Gesetz verabschiedet, dass die Open-Access-Veröffentlichung aller Publikationen vorschreibt, die innerhalb oder gefördert vom Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva entstehen. Dazu im Nature-Blog:

The bill would also require publication of primary data from such studies within five years. The country’s National Digital Repository System, founded in 2009, will create a common system for accessing all data and publications subject to the law.

Im dazugehörigen Repository-Netzwerk finden sich zur Zeit mehr als 10.000 Dokumente aus vier Repositorien. [1] Darunter drei deutschsprachige von Albert Einstein!?

Siehe auch IP-Watch und UB-Bielefeld-Blog.


Libworld – Argentina

Argentina, a republic in the south of South-America, is the eighth largest country in the world. The librarianship in Argentina is variously shaped: the first public libraries developed at the end of the 18th century. They were mostly funded by individuals. The 1963 established „Junta de Bibliotecas Universitarias Argentinas“ (JUBIUA) substitutes the interest of the public universities towards the government.
The „Bibliotheca National“ was founded in 1810. With a book inventory balance of 2,5 million it is the biggest library in Argentina. Along with the „Congreso de la Nación“, a parliament library, it holds the presentation copy right since 1933. The Congreso de la Nación is the depot library from international organizations and holds approximately 1,5 million medias.

Our guest author Edgardo Civallero will introduce the biblioblogosphere in Argentina. He worked for years developing libraries in aboriginal communities in NE Argentina and in rural villages in northern Córdoba before studying Librarianship at the National University of Córdoba. Today amongst others Edgardo teaches colleagues from public libraries and works for the journal Information for Social Change. He is an advocate for the Open Access philosophy and member of the Standing Committee of IFLA´s Libray Services to Multicultural Populations Section.
With his wife he edits the blog “Bitácora de un bibliotecario” (The log of a librarian) which is available in Spanish and English.
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