Think Quarterly: Innovation

Googles Think Quarterly dreht sich in der aktuellen Ausgabe um Innovation. Beispielsweise schreibt Susan Wojcicki, Googles 16. Angestellte, über ihre persönlichen Wahrnehmungen und Erfahrungen, die 8 Pillars of Innovation:

No matter how ambitious the plan, you have to roll up your sleeves and start somewhere. Google Books, which has brought the content of millions of books online, was an idea that our founder, Larry Page, had for a long time. People thought it was too crazy even to try, but he went ahead and bought a scanner and hooked it up in his office. He began scanning pages, timed how long it took with a metronome, ran the numbers and realized it would be possible to bring the world’s books online. Today, our Book Search index contains over 10 million books.

Ebenfalls interessant sieht The Science Fiction Behind Search aus. To read…